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First Aid Obligations and Guidance


Nova Scotia employers have an obligation to ensure that first aid response is available at all work settings and locations.

  • On Acadia’s campus, first aid response is generally organized by building. Building Managers are asked to assist with organizing and coordinating the provision of first aid response within buildings.
  • For buildings and other work locations that are strictly office settings, at least one employee is required to have an Emergency First Aid certificate (1-day course), regardless of the number of employees present. In buildings like U-Hall, departments could share those first aid resources.
  • Where there are 2-19 employees at a work location that is not strictly an office setting, at least one employee is required to have an Emergency First Aid certificate. Where there are 20-99 employees present, at least one employee is required to have a Standard First Aid certificate (2-day course).
  • In larger buildings, and especially in those that are not strictly an office setting, it is often prudent to have more than one first aid responder available.   
  • Regardless of how the work location is defined (i.e. on campus or off campus), where a full-time employee regularly works where there is no one available who could administer first aid or summon assistance in a reasonable length of time, the employee is required to have an Emergency First Aid certificate. For more details, see Acadia’s Policy W-2, Working Alone or in Isolation.
  • Although Acadia Safety and Security provides supplementary first aid response on campus, they should not be relied upon as the primary first aid responders. 
  • All faculty and staff who lead and supervise groups for field trips and similar off-campus activities require at least a Standard First Aid certificate.
  • When determining a building or a department/school’s first aid training needs, it is important to consider vacations and other absences.
  • First aid certificates are valid for 3 years.
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED) training is incorporated in all first aid courses offered through Acadia’s Health & Safety Office.
  • Where first aid training is required to meet the University’s health & safety obligations, the course cost is covered by Acadia’s Health & Safety Office.

Building Managers and their delegates may request first aid kits and replacement supplies by contacting contact or call 585-1444

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